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Intro/Setting (1)

Bumping (2)

Setting + Bumping (3)

Single Arm Touches (4)

Wall Setting (5)

Wall Bumping (6)

Wall Bump Set Combo (7)

Wall Bump Set Combos - Personalized (8)

Shoulder Warm Up (9)

Serving (10)

Spiking (11)

Setting with the Fam (12)

Let's Pepper (13)

Partner Setting (14)

Shuffle Bump (15)

Shuffle Set (16)

Sinjin Smith - At Home Volleyball Drills

The king of the beach, olympian, and world champion, Sinjin Smith, has provided an at home preparation series for beginners to get ready for beach volleyball! Each activity is designed for beginners and is beneficial for every level. For increased difficulty, see Facebook captions or message us!


Sinjin Smith - Daily Exercises

Sinjin Smith and one of his 3 sons, Stanton, present solo sand exercises anyone can do to train for beach volleyball.


Sinjin Smith - Intro - Daily Exercises

Sinjin Smith - Exercise 1

Sinjin Smith - Exercise 2

Sinjin Smith - Exercise 3

Sinjin Smith - Exercise 4

Sinjin Smith - Exercise 5

Workout 1 - Alex Poletto

Workout 2 - Alex Poletto

Workout 3 - Megan Nash

Workout 4 - Megan Nash

Workout 5 - Alex Poletto

Workout 6 - Megan Nash

Alex Poletto & Megan Nash - Home Workouts

Alex and Megan, our Crescent Beach coaches and current professional beach volleyball players, have provided at home workouts similar to what they're doing to stay in shape. Try them out for challenging strength based workouts. 


Pyramid Touch Callenge - Alex Poletto

Volleyball Ab Diaries - Alex Poletto

Rest & Recovery - Alex Poletto

Healthy Shoulders - Alex Poletto

Challenges & Recovery from Alex Poletto

Try out some home volleyball challenges at the end of your workout! Here are a couple from Coach Alex. Also - take every two/three days off of workouts and supplement with coach Alex's recovery videos below

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